Our History

Our History | April 25th, 2023

The College Inn

The College Inn was a small restaurant that catered to University of Florida students. While the College Inn only served a specific set of students and guests, we have grown to accept guests from all walks of life, regardless of race, sexuality, creed, or beliefs. We do so while maintaining the quality of service expected of a restaurant that understands its history but looks to maintain a better future. We have kept the original tiles at the entrance to remember where we came from and to honor the students who took the initial steps to make Midtown more accessible through sit-ins, and protests.

Purple Porpoise

After the College Inn shut its doors, the Purple Porpoise took over to usher in a new era of acceptance and fun in the '70s. We strive to live up to those good vibes by giving guests access to the best atmosphere, drinks, and overall experience possible.

Envy / XS

It wasn't long before the chill ambiance of Purple Porpoise gave way to the bumping energy of Envy and XS. Together, they took Midtown by storm, giving students a place to lose themselves in a crowd of dancing peers. The speedy service, moody lights, and modern music can still be found at Social today, whether it's on the downstairs or rooftop dance floor.

Gator City

As the University of Florida grew, so did the city's appreciation of it. Gator City, named after the Gators for the Gators, was the place to lean back and let loose in a more casual setting. It was the place to get a beer, take advantage of the jukebox, get to know your bartenders and play a round or two of pool. Despite getting taken over by the Social, a part of Gator City still lives strong at our back bar, where you can still do all of these things and more.

Present Day

Given our rich history, we seek to emulate the best aspects of each of the restaurants, bars, and clubs that have stood on these grounds. Each part of our building, from the back bar to the rooftop to the dance floor, is reminiscent of the bars that led us to where we are now. It is because of this that The Social at Midtown can cater to all kinds of individuals whether they are looking for chill bar vibes, a club-like dance floor, a sit-down restaurant, or a building to host one-of-a-kind events.

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